SprintBoat.Org and Sprintboat.COM 
   - For Sale - 
The ORIGINAL Location for the SprintBoat Sport.

I'll just be honest - I haven't followed the sport in a few years, and with the M.I.S.T being all but a hole in the ground - I'm not going to be making it around to photograph the races for some significant time.

If you are interested in the Original SprintBoat.Org or SprintBoat.Com domain names - let me know.  We can either work out an annual lease, or an all-out purchase.  

I want to be fair to all you in the SprintBoat Community - and give you back the heritage you deserve.

For those unfamiliar with Sprint Boat Racing, take a gander on YouTube for Sprint Boat Racing.  You will find that the sport is utterly amazing.  Take a pond, plant some islands and tell a bunch of motorheads to race through the channels and around the islands in a memorized path.  Now, remember these aluminium boats are Water-Jet Pushed with a 350 or bigger engine ....

Daniel Bohner